2018-2019 Fact Book

The Iowa State University Fact Book is a compilation of basic information including history, students, staff, departments, programs, and facilities.

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Pages will be added to the 2018-2019 Fact Book on a continuing basis throughout Fall 2018. 

Page links will be activated as data becomes available.


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If you are looking for information from the 2016-2017 Fact Book and other previous years, please visit the Fact Book Archive.


Student, Employee, and Course data and reports are now available in e-Data.         

If you are an Iowa State University employee who does not have access to e-Data, you can request access via: 


Additional Resources:  Registrar Enrollment Statistics


General Information


Title PDF Excel
Accreditation <  
Ames Laboratory, U.S. DOE    
Board of Regents, State of Iowa    
Campus Points of Interest    
Extension & Outreach    
Governance Organizations  
History of Iowa State University    
Information Technology    
Intercollegiate Athletics    
Peer Land-Grant Universities    
Presidents of Iowa State University    
Strategic Plan (FY2017-FY2022)    
University Achievements & Recognitions    
Organizational Charts    
   President's Office  
   Senior Vice President & Provost  
   Division of Finance  
   Senior Vice President for University Services  
   Division of Student Affairs  
   Vice President for Research  
   Extension & Outreach Leadership  
   Extension & Outreach Overview  

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Title PDF Excel
   Undergraduate Admission Requirements    
   New Student Admissions
   Academic Preparation of New Freshmen    
   Transfer Admissions
   Enrollment: 1868-2018 (graph)
   Enrollment: 1868-2018 (table)
   Enrollment: Age
   Enrollment: By College, Term, and Level
   Enrollment: FTE by Level
   Enrollment: Full-Time and Part-Time
   Enrollment by Gender
   Enrollment: Gender by College and Level
   Enrollment: Graduate by Iowa County (map)  
   Enrollment: Graduate by State (map)  
   Enrollment: Headcount by Level and Classification
   Enrollment: Housing Type
   Enrollment: International by Country  
   Enrollment: Race/Ethnicity
   Enrollment: Residence
   Enrollment: Undergraduate by College & Classification
   Enrollment: Undergraduate by Iowa County (map)  
   Enrollment: Undergraduate by State (map)  
   Enrollment: Vet Med by Iowa County (map)  
   Enrollment: Vet Med by State (map)  
Student Success    
   Retention & Graduation Rates, Full-Time Freshmen and Transfers
   Retention & Graduation Rates by ACT Score, High School Rank, Residence, Race/Ethnicity, and Gender
   Undergraduate Grade Point Average by Level
   Undergraduate Cumulative Grade Point Average by College, Gender, and Level
Learning Communities & Study Abroad    
   Learning Communities Enrollment
   Learning Communities Retention & Graduation Rates
   Study Abroad
   Degrees Awarded by Level
   Degrees Awarded by Gender
   Degrees Awarded by Race/Ethnicity
Tuition & Mandatory Fees    
   Tuition & Mandatory Fees    
   Estimated Cost of Attendance for Undergraduate Residents    
   Tuition & Required Fees: Resident Undergraduate Peer Comparison    
   Student Financial Aid Programs    

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Title PDF Excel
Alumni by College
Alumni by State (map)  
Alumni Outside the United States
Post-Graduation Status of 2016-2017 Bachelor's Degree Recipients

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Faculty & Staff

Title PDF Excel
Employee Headcount and FTE by Classification    
Employee Headcount & FTE by College    
Employee Age by Classification    
Employees: Full-Time & Part-Time    
Employees by Gender & Race/Ethnicity    
Employees by Gender    
Employees by Race/Ethnicity    
Employee FTE by Classification and Fund Source
Faculty by Highest Degree    
Faculty by Rank    
Professional & Scientific Employees by Grade, Contract Employees, & Merit Employees by Category (table)    
Professional & Scientific Employees by Grade, Contract Employees, & Merit Employees by Category (graphs)    
Faculty Salaries: Average by Rank    
Faculty Salaries: Peer Comparisons (graph)
Average Percent Increase in Salaries for Continuing Employees

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Title PDF Excel
Average Section Size by College & Course Level    
Student Credit Hours (SCH) by College & Course Level    
Student Credit Hours (SCH) per Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Instructors by College    
SCH Taught by Faculty & Teaching Assistants (graph)    
Undergraduate Section Size Frequency Distribution    
Distance Education Course Registrations    
Extension Continuing Education & Professional Development Course Registrations    

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Academic Departments & Programs

Title PDF Excel
Degree Programs by College  
Departmental Data within College, Degrees Awarded
Departmental Data within College, Instruction    
Departmental Data within College, Majors & Assigned Space

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Finances & Facilities

Title PDF Excel
Revenue by Source (in thousands)    
Expenditures & Transfers by Object (in thousands)    
Expenditures & Transfers by Function (in thousands)    
Endowment Funds (in thousands)
Gift Activity (in thousands)    
Sponsored Funding Awarded (in thousands)
Patents & Licenses
Building Facilities by Function & Inventory of Land    

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