Data Governance at Iowa State University

What is Data Governance?

Data governance formalizes and guides behavior over the definition, management and use of data as a strategic asset in service of Iowa State University's mission. 

Establishing a governance structure will enable the appropriate access to high quality, accurate data that is essential for informed decision making, institutional reporting, and legal compliance.


Why does Data Governance Matter? It…

  • Clarifies who has responsibilities for institutional data
  • Makes decisions about data access/use transparent
  • Creates a taxonomy to classify the inventory of University data into domains
  • Protects against unauthorized modification/disclosure of data
  • Facilitates an "institutional view" for data decisions
  • Ensures that data use/sharing follows institutional guiding principles
  • Improves data quality and clarity


In January 2023, Iowa State began its pilot efforts for a more formal data governance structure focused on the data governance needs associated with the WorkCyte II Students/Receivables project. Rich Tener, Chief Information Security Officer and Karen Zunkel, Executive Director Institutional Research are leading the pilot. Questions about current data governance efforts can be directed to


Coming soon:

Link to Data Governance Decisions and Resources

Links to ISU Policy Library data governance related policies