Fact Book: Students

Students in outdoor study groupInformation will be added to this page throughout the year, as it becomes available.

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Admissions PDF Excel
Undergraduate Admission Requirements (link)    
New Student Admissions
Academic Preparation of New Freshmen
Transfer Admissions
Student Success PDF Excel
Retention and Graduation Rates, Full-Time Freshmen and Transfers    
Retention and Graduation Rates by ACT Score, High School Rank, Residence, Race/Ethnicity, and Gender    
Undergraduate Grade Point Average by Level    
Undergraduate Cumulative Grade Point Average by College, Gender, and Level    
Learning Communities and Study Abroad PDF Excel
Learning Communities Enrollment    
Learning Communities Retention and Graduation Rates    
Study Abroad    
Degrees PDF Excel
Degrees Awarded by Level    
Degrees Awarded by Gender    
Degrees Awarded by Race and Ethnicity    
Tuition and Mandatory Fees PDF Excel
Tuition and Mandatory Fees    
Estimated Cost of Attendance for Undergraduate Residents    
Tuition and Required Fees: Resident Undergraduate Peer Comparison    
Student Financial Aid Programs