Data Governance Organizational Structure

Governance structure pyramid


Data Governance Executive Council

  • Guides data governance priorities and guiding principles
  • Advocate for institutional change for data governance
  • Provides vision for data access policy and standards
  • Enables support, understanding, and awareness
  • Approves periodic road map recommended by DGSC
  • Resolves issues/decisions escalated from DGSC
  • Membership: General Counsel, Senior Vice Presidents, VP Human Resources, and VP-Chief Information Officer.  Supported by Executive Director Institutional Research, Chief Information Security Officer and WorkCyte II Project Director


Ad Hoc Data Governance Steering Committees

  • Oversees tactical work and adoption​
  • Facilitates cross-functional data initiatives and decisions
  • Reviews and makes recommendations/decisions on ‘data governance’ topics raised from the WorkCyte II project.
  • Recommends road map of activities to support ISU’s data governance priorities and data management needs ​
  • Recommends creation of work groups, as necessary
  • Resolve issues escalated from WorkCyte Project team and/or Stewards​
  • Membership – based on topics being covered: Data Stewards, AVP/Director-Level Leaders​, Constituent Representatives


Data Stewards – Role responsible for quality, accessibility, release, appropriate use, and security of a specific domain of institutional data.  (Examples: Registrar is Data Steward over Student Records and  Controller is Data Steward over Financial Transaction Data)

Workgroups – Established by Steering Committee to do the detailed work associated with a specific topic associated with Data Governance (Example: a Workgroup on Data Security)


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