Undergraduate Admission Requirements    
  New Student Admissions
  Academic Preparation of New Freshmen
  Transfer Admissions
  Enrollment: 1868-2017 (graph)
  Enrollment: 1868-2017 (table)
  Enrollment: Age
  Enrollment: By College, Term, and Level
  Enrollment: FTE by Level
  Enrollment: Full-Time and Part-Time
  Enrollment: Gender by College and Level
  Enrollment: Graduate by Iowa County (map)  
  Enrollment: Graduate by State (map)  
  Enrollment: Headcount by Level
  Enrollment: Housing Type
  Enrollment: International by Country  
  Enrollment: Race/Ethnicity
  Enrollment: Residence
  Enrollment: Undergraduate by College & Classification
  Enrollment: Undergraduate by Iowa County (map)  
  Enrollment: Undergraduate by State (map)  
  Enrollment: Vet Med by Iowa County (map)  
  Enrollment: Vet Med by State (map)  
Student Success    
  Retention & Graduation Rates, Full-Time Freshmen and Transfers
  Retention & Graduation Rates by ACT Score, High School Rank, Residence, Race/Ethnicity, and Gender
  Undergraduate Grade Point Average by Level
  Undergraduate Grade Point Average: Cumulative
Learning Communities & Study Abroad    
  Learning Communities Enrollment
  Learning Communities Retention & Graduation Rates
  Study Abroad
  Degrees Awarded by Level
  Degrees Awarded by Gender
  Degrees Awarded by Race/Ethnicity
Tuition & Mandatory Fees    
  Tuition & Mandatory Fees
  Estimated Cost of Attendance for Undergraduate Residents
 Tuition & Required Fees: Resident Undergraduate Peer Comparison
  Student Financial Aid Programs