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President's Council meets monthly throughout the academic year. President Leath draws together the university's administrative officers (President, Provost, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Associate/ Assistant Provosts, Associate/Assistant Vice Presidents, Deans, Associate/Assistant Deans, Directors, Department Chairs) for these one-hour sessions. The President comments on items of importance to the university community and invites questions from the audience during the meeting's first half hour. Typically, another university administrator is invited to present recent developments in  his or her area during the second half hour.

The files available below contain information regarding different aspects of the university, (e.g., faculty activity, persistence and graduation rates, enrollment, and salaries), as well as periodic updates on the general fund budget, gift activity, sponsored funding, and new student applications and admissions.


President's Council Reports


September 2014-June 2015

September 2014 - Annual Address


September 2013-June 2014

pdf May 2014 Handout

May 2014 slides - Reflection on George Washington Carver's Legacy; Iowa State University Alumni Association

pdf April 2014 Handout

April 2014 slides - Iowa State University and Digital Lab for Manufacturing Partnership Update; National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for e-Design; National Engagement and News

pdf February 2014 Handout

pdf December 2013 Handout

December 2013 slides - Graduate College Update; Graduate and Professional Student Senate: Today and Tomorrow

pdf November 2013 Handout

November 2013 slides - Bioeconomy Institute and Affiliated Centers and Programs


September 2013 - Annual Address

August 2012-June 2013

pdf April 2013 Handout

April 2013 slides - Intercollegiate Athletics

pdf March 2013 Handout

March 2013 slides - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

pdf January 2013 Handout

January 2013 slides - Legislative Update; Faculty Entrepreneurship

December 2012 Handout

pdf October 2012 Handout

September 2012 slides - Kuali Financial System Update

pdf September 2012 Handout

August 2012 slides - Live United, United Way of Story County; Association of American Universities (AAU) Membership

pdf August 2012 Handout

August 2011-June 2012

April 2012 slides - College of Business, Iowa State University

pdf April 2012 Handout

March 2012 slides -Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative; Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

pdf March 2012 Handout

February 2012 slides -Iowa Public Radio; International Activities at Iowa State University

pdf February 2012 Handout

January 2012 slides -2011 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE); 2011 Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE); The Ames Laboratory, U.S. DOE

pdf January 2012 Handout

December 2011 slides - Live United, 2011 Annual Campaign; 2010 Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) Survey; Iowa's Changing Demographics & Recruitment Strategies

pdf December 2011 Handout

November 2011 slides - Retention and Graduation Rates; Tenure Track Faculty Satisfaction: Results of 2010 COACHE Survey; Distance Education at ISU

pdf November 2011 Handout

October 2011 slides - Tuition and Mandatory Fees; ISU's Revised Conflict of Interest and Commitment (COIC) Policy; Concept for an Innovative, Integrated Health Initiative

pdf October 2011 Handout

September 2011 slides - Live United; 2011 University Life Survey; 2011 Fall Enrollment; Avello Bioenergy, An Adventure Beyond Engineering

pdf September 2011 Handout


August 2011 slides - Faculty/Staff Salary Analysis; Today's 4-H Youth Development

pdf August 2011 Handout


August 2010-May 2011

May 2011 slides - Faculty Activity Report; Plant Sciences Institute

pdf May 2011 Handout

April 2011 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; Iowa Inter-Institutional Academic Collaboration; Campaign Iowa State

pdf April 2011 Handout

March 2011 slides - Fall 2010 ISU Entering Freshman Survey (CIRP); EndoMetric Corporation; Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC)-Related Entrepreneurial Activities

pdf March 2011 Handout

February 2011 slides - What's New in IT?; College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

pdf February 2011 Handout

January 2011 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; Campustown Revitalization Concept; Osher Lifelong Learning Institute; SP@ISU NSF I-3 Grant

pdf January 2011 Handout

December 2010 slides - Retention and Graduation Rates; Technology Assisted Learning

pdf December 2010 Handout

October 2010 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; Tuition and Mandatory Fees; International Conditional Admission; Iowa State University Strategic Plan 2010-2015; National Research Council

pdf October 2010 Handout

September 2010 slides - Fall 2010 Enrollment; Live United 2010 Annual Campaign; Animal Science Research and Entrepreneurial Activities; College of Veterinary Medicine

pdf September 2010 Handout

August 2010 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; Faculty/Staff Salary Analysis; Division of Student Affairs

pdf August 2010 Handout

August 2009-June 2010

June 2010 slides - 2010-2016 Strategic Plan; Division of Student Affairs

pdf June 2010 Handout

May 2010 slides - Faculty Profile and Workload; College of Design, Designing the Future

pdf May 2010 Handout

April 2010 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; 2005-2010 Strategic Plan Progress Report April 2010; College of Human Sciences

pdf April 2010 Handout

March 2010 slides - Fall 2009 ISU Entering Freshman Survey (CIRP)

pdf March 2010 Handout

February 2010 slides - Degrees Awarded; Today's College of Engineering

pdf February 2010 Handout

January 2010 slides - 2009 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE); 2009 University Life Survey

2009 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Questionnaire pdf and

Survey Results xls

December 2009 slides - Retention and Graduation Rate Analysis; Parks Library Update

pdf December 2009 Handout

November 2009 slides - FY2010 Budget Reduction Strategy and Planning; Fall 2009 Tuition and Fees; Institute for Transportation

pdf November 2009 Handout

October 2009 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; Athletic Academic Services

pdf October 2009 Handout

September 2009 slides - Fall 2009 Enrollment; Catilin, Inc.; Virtual Reality Applications Center

pdf September 2009 Handout

August 2009 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; Faculty and Staff Salary Analysis; Undergraduate Recruitment

pdf August 2009 Handout


August 2008-June 2009

June 2009 slides - FY10 Budget Development; College of Veterinary Medicine

pdf June 2009 Handout

May 2009 slides - Faculty Profile and Workload

pdf May 2009 Handout

April 2009 slides - Quarterly Report; Strategic Plan Progress Report, BioCentury Research Farm

pdf April 2009 Handout

March 2009 slides - Financial Update; ISU Bioeconomy Institute

pdf March 2009 Handout

February 2009 slides - Institute for Social and Behavorial Research; Institute for Physical Research and Technology

pdf February 2009 Handout

January 2009 slides - Quarterly Report; 2008 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE); ISU Capital Projects and Master Planning

pdf January 2009 Handout

December 2008 slides - Retention & Graduation Rates; AAUDE Faculty Satisfaction Survey Highlights

pdf December 2008 Handout

November 2008 slides - Quarterly Report; State of the State of Iowa Economy; Ames Laboratory

pdf November 2008 Handout

October 2008 slides - Quarterly Report; State of the State of Iowa Economy; Ames Laboratory

pdf October 2008 Handout

September 2008 slides - United Way; Fall 2008 Enrollment; Liberal Arts & Sciences Innovations

pdf September 2008 Handout

August 2008 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; Utility Price Increases; Faculty and Staff Salary Analysis; Live Green

pdf August 2008 Handout

August 2007-June 2008

June 2008 slides - FY2009 Budget Development; ISU Research Park

pdf June 2008 Handout

May 2008 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; Keep Iowa State Beautiful; 2005-2010 Strategic Plan Progress Report; Study Abroad

pdf May 2008 Handout

April 2008 slides - ISU Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer; Vice President for Research and Economic Development

pdf April 2008 Handout

February 2008 slides - NCAA Academic Reform

pdf February 2008 Handout

January 2008 slides - Quarterly Financial Reports; ISU Alumni Characteristics; The Voluntary System of Accountability

pdf January 2008 Handout

December 2007 slides - 2007 University Life Survey; Student Retention and Graduation Rates; Undergraduate Retention

pdf December 2007 Handout

November 2007 slides - Fall 2007 Tuition and Fees; College of Business

pdf November 2007 Handout

September 2007 slides - Fall 2007 Enrollment; Resource Management Model Implementation

pdf September 2007 Handout

August 2007 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; FY2008 Faculty/Staff Salary Analysis; ISU Pandemic Flu Planning

pdf August 2007 Handout

August 2006-June 2007

June 2007 slides - Admissions Report; FY 2008 Budget Development

May 2007 slides - Admissions Report; ISU Faculty Profiles and Workload; ISU Foundation Update

April 2007 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; 2005-2010 Strategic Plan Progress Report; The College of Agriculture

March 2007 slides - Admissions Report; ISU Entering Freshmen Survey (CIRP); Academic Support Services

February 2007 slides - Admissions Report; ISU Facilities & Deferred Maintenance; New Funding Initiatives in Faculty Recruitment and Retention

January 2007 slides - National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE); ISU Sesquicentennial Celebration

December 2006 slides - Tuition and Required Fees, ISU Dining

November 2006 slides - Student Retention and Graduation Rates, NRC Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs

October 2006 slides - Quarterly Financial Report; Student Enrollment; Research at Iowa State University

August 2006 slides - FY2007 Salary Increases; Principles of Community


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